An obstetrician is someone who deals with the treatment and care associated with childbirth and the confinement period that follows the delivery. In short, he deals with the complete maternity care. As against an obstetrician, a Gynecology specialist is someone who deals with all the issues related to the reproductive system of women. However, several gynecologists specialize and function as obstetricians and concentrate only on various treatments associated with maternity and childbirth. Nowadays, different methods are available for women to confirm whether they are pregnant or not. However, after confirmation, it is important to consult a pregnancy specialist Melbourne for getting further maternity care. Listed below are few symptoms that need to be treated without further delay.

Onset of morning sickness
Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms exhibited by 90% of the pregnant ladies. It can be quite annoying and depressing. However, fortunately, some women experience the symptoms quite mildly and only for some weeks. But this is not the case for everyone. Most of the women experience severe nausea and vomiting during the first few weeks of their first trimester. They also experience several symptoms associated with severe acidity like heartburn and regurgitation. Anyhow, if you are experiencing morning sickness on a daily basis, it is a direct indication that you need to consult a gynaecologists Melbourne or an obstetrician for proper diagnosis and further care.

Excessive fatigue
Fatigue to a certain extent can be managed without any medical care. There are many home remedies that can help pregnant ladies in restoring their strength and vitality. However, despite following a balanced diet and regular sleep regimen, if you are experiencing excessive fatigue, weakness, or light-headedness, you need to immediately consult an obstetrician. These symptoms should not be ignored in such circumstances. Self-medication using over-the-counter medicines is also quite dangerous. Being pregnant makes a woman more vulnerable to various side effects associated with most of the common medicines.

Signs of bleeding
Mild signs of bleeding are not considered as a dangerous symptom. However, it can be a strong indicator of some kind of deficiency or disorder associated with the fetal growth. There are some gynecologists who overlook such symptoms. If you are experiencing this kind of symptoms, you need to get an ultrasound scan. In case of such symptoms if your obstetrician doesn’t recommend any kind of screening tests, you need to get a second opinion and immediately consult a more experienced obstetrician in your town. And if you have not yet consulted any physician, this is a straight indication that you need to get some immediate medical attention.maternity-programs