There are different protein sources and every protein form has a role to play in the build up and maintenance of your body. When you take part in strenuous exercises every day, you need to ensure that your body gets its protein sources replenished in proper form. There are certain dairy, protein sources that have a distinct role to play in your body.

How proteins work in your body?

If you opt for casein protein NZ, it is a dairy protein that is slow digesting and is often recommended to people to take as a supplement. This protein supplement will help in releasing amino acids in your body at a slow pace. Hence, it is usually recommended to be taken before bedtime, which helps in muscle recovery as well as reduces muscle breakdown while you are sleeping. Casein protein is obtained from milk, like whey protein. It comprises of 80 percent of milk protein which is more than what whey protein contains. Hence, digestion of casein protein happens slowly, as compared to whey protein. It is a complete form of animal protein source. Hence, it can provide all the necessary amino acids that are required for repair and build up of your muscles after strenuous exercises.

Composition of supplements that provides energy

This form of dietary protein can come in two forms. The Micellar casein is digested slowly or the casein hydro lysate form which is a pre-digested form that is absorbed more quickly by the body. Hence, like perfect creatine monohydrate, you need to know which form would be beneficial or right for your body or metabolism levels. When you take 33 grams or a scoop of casein powder in standard form it contains 3 grams carbs, 1-gram fat and 24 grams protein.

How to take it?

Since casein protein supplements will lead to slow release of amino acids in your system, you need to time it right. Usually the digestion process of this supplement is longer for which it is recommended to be consumed before bedtime. Hence, as a post workout supplement that would help in muscle restoration as you sleep, this supplement would be ideal. The amino acid release and other benefits take time to show in your system, but sustain for longer as compared to whey protein supplements. Hence, it is a supplement that is best consumed at night time and after workout. It is advised that you seek advice from a nutritionist before you take up this supplement to know the time, duration and amount of the supplement that would be right for you.