For those who do not have the time or energy for raising a pet, having nothing still in the house can make you feel empty. So when that time comes when you wish you had something in your house to take care of, then a house plant will be the answer to your unanswered question. Plants do not need constant attention, they actually give back to you for raising them, and can be quite productive if you pick the right plant. Here some of the best easy-raise plants you can ponder about and buy at the local greenhouse.

The wonder of pothos (a.k.a the money tree)

Yes it is a hardly known plant, but has effective air purification qualities to give your fresh air to breath everyday. This plant is really good especially if you live in a city area where pollution is abundant pretty much everywhere. Pothos plants absorb toxic compounds like formaldehyde (from your carpet) and other. Pothos is a vine so you can actually even hang it like a trellis. The leaves a bicoloured so it’s lovely to look at when the trailing stems are grown. You can buy a small plant from the local greenhouse and as an indoor plant it thrives on lighting. You should keep it close to a bright light or near a window. The colors of the plant (variegation) lessen when it gets extremely low light. Pothos is pretty self-reliant and you just need to water it lightly every day and wait for the soil to dry out between each watering session. Pothos are great for bathrooms and dining rooms as well. Pothos comes highly recommended by botanists and house designs in Officer as a low-care plant that is useful.

Spider plant/ airplane plant

One of the plants that is appreciated by modern home builders to be used for aesthetic appeal and is also a low-care level plant, this plant comes in many names of house and land packages Riverwalk. It is a perennial herb and it makes its children plants by extending vine like wires onto the outside of its pot. The spider plant is not a vine and will not run all over the place, but it has a tendency to make a lot of offspring. The plant is hardy and can survive in evenly moist soil conditions with any type of lighting except direct sunlight. You can actually hang these plants as well. The jade plant, English ivy, rubber tree and peace lily are some of the many self-regulating indoor plants that you can put in your house. Aloe Vera and herbs are also something that you should consider due to their uses.