If you find that your toilet is becoming inconvenient or dangerous to use by an elderly parent or a handicapped family member, you can explore different choices of modifications for your bathroom that would not require a complete overhaul. Many people fear that tearing down the existing fixtures and having to look into flooring and the fixture addition from scratch would be prohibitively costly. However, with several ready to install units and fixtures available, there are only a few changes required in order to convert your home bathroom into a safe place for any handicapped person to use.

Bathing areas
There are shower seats that can be set up as a single unit. These come as units that are complete with necessary fixtures and are easy to install. Forget about elaborate tiling and the uprooting of flooring when you look at these modern shower units. Designed as shower cubicles, there are certain handy features included in these units to make them friendly for handicap access. There are foldable doors with grab rails, made half the length on one side to allow ease of access for a person who is wheelchair bound. It is possible for one to wheel themselves right inside a shower unit and get themselves onto a stool or chair that is fixed. With the faucets and showers accessible at arm’s length, it makes it possible for a handicapped person to manage a shower or a bathing session all by themselves. Most of these units come with handy grab rails from the walls.

Basins and other areas
As accessing a wash basin or a toilet can also be hurdles for such people, one can get toilets set up with drop down grab rail. That helps one to get them on and off the toilet seat with ease. Many have handles that can be dropped down or folded up to provide space. With wash basins provided at easy access to such seats it is possible for one to complete all necessary activities with ease and with minimal movement and changes.

Anti slip flooring
One of the main hurdles in a bathroom is the slippery floor for handicapped individuals or those who have difficulty walking. For that reason many vendors offer anti slip floor mats that can be easily installed in bathrooms and act as a superficial layer of the existing flooring. This is a cheaper solution that having to change the floor tiles of a bathroom. One could even opt to change only the shower tiles as other spaces are less susceptible to getting wet and becoming slippery.