Bookshelves are an important part of anyone’s life. It can be for books that you like to read, books that you want to learn from and log books for your store. But most of the shelves that you buy from the supermarket and then fit it yourself do not stay that way for long. In the worst case scenarios, your books might not fit in there at all. In most cases of the supermarket bought shelves, they do not fit to the interior structure of the place you want to keep the bookshelf.Get the measurements

In making your own customized bookshelf, you need the accurate measurements of the place you to fit your bookshelf. It could be a little triangle of space in the wall where the previous owners probably fit something in. Or it could be the space left in the corner of the room that you do not know what to do with. But you have to make sure that all or most of your books can fit into this space and that you will not have regrets afterwards. You will need the basic measurements of the area to fit the bookshelf into (height, width and depth) which are mandatory for shopfitters Melbourne. Then you need to find a fashionable bookcase to liken the design to, which leads to step two.

Designing the bookcase

You will have to get a piece of paper and your favorite pen and start with the designing phase of the bookcase. If you already know of a design to use on your bookshelves then it will be easier to call for the shopfitters Melbourne. But if you are planning on doing the actual work of getting the wood and everything else for the shelved then it is best that you follow one of the templates found online (especially if this is your first time). You will have to make sure that all the measurements like the parting strips, wood plank width and depth and lengths, along with the proper gaps between each shelf are accounted for.

Assembling the shelf

Assembling is the hardest when it comes to labor wise steps of making a bookshelf. You will need helping hands in this step so make your kids (if they are old enough) or someone else to assist you. You have to get enough nails, properly cut wood and varnish to finish off the product.

Make sure to get some tips and ideas from other members of the family when you are designing the shelf so that you can understand where you are making mistakes. Also a professional opinion in the format for your blueprint is essential to get everything right.