Mistakes To Avoid When Packing For A Holiday

We all have made mistakes when packing for a holiday. Sometimes we over pack which makes travelling hectic and other times we under pack where we forget to take some of the essentials such as portable charger. If you are planning to travel soon then here are few mistakes you need to avoid and things you could do to make sure you pack all you need.

Make a list of things you need

Even if you are a frequent traveller it is always safe for you to make a list of things you will need. If you are traveling for work make sure you pack all the necessary documents you will need. Sometimes you will have to buy things for example if you are going for a vacation to a country during winter you might have to buy things like ski gear Melbourne so write that in your list too. This will ensure you don’t rush to shops last moment to buy your trip essentials.

Pack your items smartly

When travelling with kids it is natural for some parents to get paranoid, especially if they are going to a place which is extremely cold. They over pack things like kids snow gear which makes travelling difficult as they will have to carry a lot of luggage .You should pack just one or two jackets but it is important to make sure that they are of good quality so they will prevent you from freezing. To make sure your kids don’t get too sick carry the necessary medications such as cough syrup and balm. It is important that you fold your clothes neatly and not throw everything in the bag that way you could put more items and your bag would feel lighter.

Put different items on different luggage

Another mistake which people commonly make is putting valuable items in their hand luggage. Usually security check requires the hand luggage to be checked at least 2 to 3 times. There is a tendency for it falling during the check so you should place them in another luggage. You should always carry a jacket in your hand luggage as it can get really cold in planes. When it comes to packing items like your face wash and shampoo bottles make sure that they are tightly sealed, and put them in a zip lock bag to avoid leakage. Also you should avoid putting things like perfume or nail cutter which is prohibited to take on flights. Such items can be packed in the other luggage.
Lastly, make sure you do a thorough research on the climate of the country you intend on visiting. You don’t want to pack your summer clothes when it is freezing outside.

Adelaide Airport’s New Car Park Better For Car Rentals

The new multi level automated short term car park at Adelaide Airport was the biggest upgrade that the airport has received since the opening of the new combined international and domestic main terminal one in 2003. The new multi level automated short term car park at Adelaide Airport features a number of improvements in comparison to the old short term airport car park. The new multi level short term car park is nearly twice the size of the previous car park, and allows for pedestrians to go from the car park to the terminal while remaining completely under cover. It also features an innovative new automated parking guidance system which directs drivers to the nearest free space through a system of electronic changeable signage and overhead lights. In the new multi level automated short term car park, Adelaide Airport car rental firms are now located on the ground floor, almost directly outside of the main domestic and international terminal one, and only a short walk away from the regional terminal 1A. When you go to pick up the keys for your hire care from the rent a car company desks opposite the two baggage carousels on the ground floor of the main domestic and international terminal one, staff will be able to direct you on where you should go to pick up your rented auto.

Adelaide Airport rent a car firms provide for a variety of market segments, from economy cheap car rentals to prestige hire cars. Six major rent a car firms operate rental car for uber Perth. Some even have reciprocal deals with major Australian airlines that allow you to obtain a discount or bonus frequent flyer points just for booking your car rental with them. Please make sure that you are familiar with the required procedures that your rent a car firm has for dropping off a rented car on departing Adelaide. Particularly, you may wish to investigate the most economical option for refuelling. Many rent a car firms will offer value added services for an additional fee such as GPS sat nav navigation, booster seat or baby capsule installation, or all inclusive road tolls. Note that in South Australia there are no toll roads so there is no need to pre pay for these when renting a car from Adelaide Airport.

One service which many rent a car firms offer is mini bus hire. In Adelaide, these are especially ideal for groups who intend to tour the many famous wineries and cellars of the Barossa Valley region. Smaller mini buses will generally not require any special driver’s licence beyond the usual C class car driver’s licence. Larger mini buses that might fit up to twenty five people will possibly require a specialised bus driver’s licence: the rent a car firm should be able to advise you regarding this in advance.