Measuring The Performance Of Employees

From the time work moved from an industrial or mechanical mode to an intelligent mode of working, the management of every organization has been concerned as to how to measure the performance of an employee effectively. Before the onset of software systems that could take in inputs and help measure the annual performance of an employee, there were manual sheets maintained with key role parameters defined which were assessed in the light of the performance of an employee throughout a year.

Differing roles
The main challenge that any management faces when deciding on a performance system is that, it needs to be versatile enough to measure the performance of employees who perform different roles. Measuring the performance of a marketing employee is different from measuring the performance of an employee who works in the administration department. For these reasons, a system needs to allow different parameters to be measured with effectiveness and allow a congruence to be maintained in the overall rating that is given and the implications of the same. The management software for performance management differs as per the structure of an organization as well.

Computerized systems
With the presence of management software for performance management in the market, it is easy to get managers to set objectives for their reports, allow people to key in their achievements and all the scores, ratings and comments to be saved in a secure server environment. Nowadays, many HR solutions firms offer ready-made or custom solutions for their clients which are uploaded and adjusted as per the specific requirements of the client organization.

Unbiased evaluation system
The main focus has always been to develop performance appraisal systems that are unbiased and brings out the true efforts and achievements of a reportee. Fort these reasons, a KRA oriented performance management system is usually adopted in most organizations. There are weightages applied to the different KRAs and employees are asked to key in their achievements against the different KRAs at the end of the year. With an objective performance indicators, these evaluation systems are made objective as much as possible.

Selecting an evaluation system
As a fair and unbiased evaluation system goes a long way to ensuring satisfied employees in an organization, many organizations seek the latest in performance management systems and how they can benefit from the same. Fair attitude towards employees and a healthy managerial setup is crucial for a successful organization to sustain its growth rate. With the online world, research for an updated performance system is easy. There are reviews to read and management forums to discuss the pros and cons of each system. Choosing a performance system is a vital decision for an organization as it affects all who work there.